Tram - Build Your Own Moving Model By Ugears


Not many cities in the world can boast about tramcar systems! So if you fall into the 'nay' category, don’t worry, because now you can create a full-fledged mini tram system in the privacy of your home. We based this model on the first street-cars and funiculars to ever hit the market.

Imparts a retro aura to its surroundings so you can keep it in the living room or dining area. If don’t want prying eyes, the bedroom is the ideal place to store it.
Doubles as an excellent decorative element that enhances the visual appeal of the room it is kept in.
You can utilize the model in dual modes - the tram mode is propelled via a rubber band engine, while the funicular mode is when one end of the rails is tilted up with a particular lever.
Want to build a bridge? It is extremely easy to do so by operating the levers on either end of the rail, which can then be used to lift the model above the surface it is resting on.
The pantograph is included to work as a lever for pushing out the wind-up wheel of the rubber band engine.
The mechanism is as realistic as possible, with a start lever, direction shifter, brake lever, and an emergency exit to the roof.

Model Size: 158*73*137 mm

Rail 767*54*70 mm

Number of parts: 154