Tractor - Build Your Own Moving Model By Ugears

SKU: UGTractor

The beauty of 3D puzzles from UGEARS is they operate using sophisticated mechanisms, but don’t use any electronic items. This model of a Tractor is a nod to its predecessors belonging to a bygone era.

The model is operated using a rubber band motor so no need for an electric power source. Hand tools or glue isn’t required either!
Engine works rhythmically and you can see the pistons moving.
Transmission switch in the form a small gear lever offers triple control modes - Park, Drive, and Sport. The Drive mode has a speed of 5cm per second, while the Sport feature makes the Tractor run quite fast. Spin the big wheel during Park mode to get started.
Maximum speed that it can cover is around 80cm at a leisurely pace.
Observe the exceptional detailing - one glance at the all wheel drive and you can get a fair idea about the workmanship.
Step-by-step instruction manual is provided - just refer to the booklet, remove the ready-made parts from the board and begin assembling.
All parts are manufactured with premium grade plywood, and thus resistant to corrosive deposits and rust.
Lastly, you can showcase your creation by displaying it on a shelf or on top of a cabinet in your dining area or living room.

Model Size: 7.9*3.4*5.4in (201*87*137mm)

Number of parts: 97