Rails And Crossing - Build Your Own Working Model By Ugears

SKU: UGCrossing

Where there’s a railroad there’s a crossing, and this kit includes both. You’ll get 4 meters of track and a crossing complete with stop signs and barriers that raise and lower at the touch of a lever.

The model kit is an excellent gift for a wide age group - all they need is a passion for creating things from scratch. Being associated with the UGEARs brand, you can rest assured the product is of premium quality and will last for a long time. This model has been tweaked quite a few times to create an ideal version of this exquisite gadget. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with irritating, sticky fingers as the parts are designed for self-assembly sans any kind of glue - this characteristic is what makes our patented inventions even more special.

Size Model: 160*4.7*8.8in (4070*120*225 mm)

Number of components: 200