Hearts and Roses - 12 Scented Wooden Balls Plus 30Ml Fragrance Oil Included

SKU: HS-HrtRos-Balls30ml

A set of 12 wooden balls, each scented in our Hearts & Roses fragrance with a sensual, floral fragrance of pink roses, sweet night jasmine and violet. Scented wooden balls are an innovative and effective way of adding fragrance to your room, cupboards, drawers and even your car.
Each Pack Contains: 12 x 1" Diameter Scented Wooden Balls and a resealable pouch for refreshing the Scented Wooden Balls. In addition we have included a 30ml bottle of Hearts & Roses fragrance to refresh the scents on the balls!
Caution: Do NOT Allow Fragrance products to come directly into contact with polished painted or synthetic surfaces. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.