Fused Glass Wall Artwork Panel

SKU: JDPAN70204dd

SALE....was £175....now £95!

Stunning piece of contemporary artwork. The artwork is a large 70x20cm (28x8") striking fused solid glass panel. The design here consists of a handpainted glass panel, with the colours fused within the glass itself....the design is a stunning jigsaw chequerboard with striking blues, greens and yellows that run across the piece. The glass is translucent with funky fused glass bubbles that are formed in the kiln (click on the image to see a close up). Supplied with wall fixings to allow it to sit away from the wall and creates great colours on your wall when the light catches it!! The panel is handmade and no two are ever alike, so you will be getting your own induvidual bespoke piece of art!