Funky Industrial Table Lamp


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An unusual desk lamp combining industrial functionality and modern low energy LED technology....each lamp being totally handmade.

Each piece of malleable black iron and is thoroughly cleaned, oven dried and then individually burnished and polished. It is then clear coat lacquered to keep it's patina. This gives it a lovely aged feeling and set's it apart from other plain black or galvanised lamps.

We don't like fumbling for inline cord switches either and so we fit each of our lamps with a chrome plated brass toggle switch.

Our desk lamps are all fitted with low voltage, low energy consumption LED's and LED specific transformers. This ensures longevity, low energy usage and also the lamps are cool to the touch, unlike most halogen based lamps. The bulbs supplied produce a lumens equivalent of a 40-60 watt halogen bulb.

The lamp is fitted with a rubber grommet / cable restraint and is supplied with 2 metres of black cable and a 13A UK plug with a 3A fuse.

The feet are fitted with plastic protectors to safeguard your furniture from scratching.
All our lamps are independently PAT tested and certified by an approved electrician. Each lamp comes with a unique code with the certification number and testers details.

Width of base : 20cm
Depth of base : 19cm
Height of lamp : 34cm
Weight : Approx 1.5 kg
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