Engine - Build Your Own Working Model By Ugears

SKU: UGEngine

Wouldn’t it be thrilling to actually travel back in time and witness some of the greatest inventions? For example, the steam engine is one of the most famous innovations in its era, so to see it from up close would be a different experience than just reading about it or seeing pictures. While we don’t have a time machine, we can certainly offer you a mini replacement via this Engine construction kit.

The pneumatic motor is a smaller version of a fully functional model of a steam engine, which is operated by blowing into a specific socket or using a normal air balloon. The heat propels the pneumatic engine and it starts!
An air pressure tachometer is integrated into the design for correct measurement of working speed.
No need to wrack your heads about storing spare parts - all you have to do is use the two built-in compartments that offer ample space for those components.
No drill, screwdriver or any other tool required while assembling. In fact, you don’t need glue as well.
The steam engine is designed in a vintage style, so you can easily use it as a decorative item in your living room or dining hall.
The mechanical kit comprises precision produced parts that are carefully checked and packaged before being delivered, so you can rely on us. If you are passionate about building trains and engines, then this miniature will be a great addition to your collection.

Size Model: 6.5*3*3.5in (165*77*90mm)

Number of parts: 81