Clear Bubbles Hand Blown Glass Garden Solar Light


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Make the ultimate statement in your garden with this fabulous hand blown ball solar light. The solar light is easily put together in less than 30 seconds. Then firmly plant it down in your garden, set the solar panel where it can get maximum light and come the evening, WOW these glass balls really come to life and the stunning colours will light up even the dullest of gardens!! Basically a striking handmade, mouth blown piece of glassware skillfully created by craftsmen using traditional glass blowing techniques mixed with modern solar technology so not wires or batteries are needed.The black stake is approximately 70cm (28") and on top is the round glass ball which is a large 10cm (4") and we simply can not emphasize just how wonderful a few of these in the garden at night actually look - there are solar lights, and there are these hand blown glass solar lights!! Naturally, as these are induvidually mouth blown, no two items will be identical. Just 1 left in stock.