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Ref: ImagImpossLG

Shopping for wall décor makes an exciting finish to decorating your home. Be bold and be inspired by this fabulous piece. Nothing is impossible and your imagination can make it happen! Crafted by hand by renowned artist Rebeka Kahn, this vibrant, quirky and colourful piece in yellow, blue and red will look awesome in your study, breakfast nook or lounge. Size 53cm x 53cm framed and signed by the artist Rebeka Kahn.
Rebeka uses a combination of raku ceramic, glazes and recycled glass from wine, sherry or beer bottles. The work is twice-fired in an indoor kiln or fired outdoors in dramatic, live flames. Every aspect of the design is hand formed using the perfect choice of glass and glazes.
During the firing process the glass and ceramics take on a life of their own, changing and becoming unique in colour and texture, creating effects that even the artist herself had not dreamed of! This is an image of the actual item you will be purchasing.

Price: 360.00